Wing Sung 698

So the past few months I’ve been going on a cheap Chinese pen bender. Catching a good review online or just seeing a pen for sale at pocket money prices has accrued a collection that mostly hasn’t even been loaded yet. One of the first of my post-Jinhao pens has been the Wing Sun 698 […]

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Fountain Pen Day

Hey, tomorrow is Fountain Pen Day! Like most special occasions this was invented in a Hallmark-esque way to celebrate our community’s love of a certain analogue tool. It’s a great way to promote the hobby and bring existing enthusiasts into contact with others. Go check out some blogs and clubs linked from their web site!

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Dollar Fountain Pen review

The problem with watching reviews on YouTube is it’s very easy to get excited about a new pen. Seeing it in use, being compared to other pens makes it a bit more immediate than the written word. The Dollar pen was mentioned in a review for another pen and I went off to find out […]

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Lamy 2000

It’s funny reviewing a classic pen. The 2000 has been around since the 1960’s, long before I was born. There must have been tens of thousands of reviews of it. But I guess my opinion is as valid as anybody else’s over the past 50 years. The 2000 is often recommended as a great choice […]

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Jinhao 992

I’m having a quiet day at work, having to find things to do while the next thing in the official pipeline crawls towards me. Screw it, lets do a pen review! The Jinhao 992 has recently become popular in our community. It is a Sailor clone in style that is incredibly cheap; mine was £1.70 […]

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Caveat emptor

So I was trawling Amazon when I found a new seller whose whole stock was priced at £7.99. Loads of big name brand pens, from Lamys to Pilots. I sensed a scam, or an order that would be rejected when their management realised the work experience kid had fucked up their shop front. But out […]

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