March Office Loadout

On the go in March 2017, from top to bottom: Palamino Blackwing 24 – My pencil addition to the mix. My least favourite aesthetic of Blackwing but a lovely writer. Hero 616 – Loaded with Diamine green/black. Fancied getting this out of the box the other week. Surprisingly fine line on a cheap pen. Lamy […]

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Pilot V-Pen fountain pen

So a second Pilot cheap pen review this year! A discussion on the UK Fountain pen Facebook group on favourite pens had an interesting entry by my friend Liam. He has older pens but relies on disposable Pilot Varsity pens for the bulk of his writing. Cheap, reliable and can be thrown into a bag […]

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Pilot Kaküno

First post of 2017! So I didn’t originally fancy a pilot Kakuno (I’m not doing the keyboard tango to get that umlaut every time). But while perusing Amazon UK I found Japanese models were available for just £8.30ish. At that price I took a punt. Now when I say ‘Japanese model’ I mean this version […]

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Work loadout, December

So I’ve been a bit busy and neglected JAPB. How about a quick look at what I’m using at the end of 2016? So my TWSBI 540 is back in play with Cult Pens Deep, Dark Red. It is still my favourite pen. Maybe I’ll get something even more upmarket in 2017? From an old […]

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Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX

So I’m a bit too impulsive when it comes to purchasing new stationery, especially when it’s cheap. So when Cult Pens had the Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX pens on offer a couple of years ago I picked up two for just £1.50 each in each of the colours. The BLX series (also available in Jetstream […]

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Faber-Castell Loom

Well this is a pen I’ve owned for ages but never reviewed. As it’s back in my work rotation this is a great opportunity for a JAPB review! I had my eye on the Loom for a while before I picked it up. I really liked the aesthetics; simple lines, solid colours. The list price […]

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Present & Correct, Isington

So no photos this time. I ‘took’ one of the shop interior but it seems my phone neglected to save it 😦 My partner really wanted to see an art exhibition in South Islington. This gave me an excuse to walk 10 minutes West and visit Present & Correct. This darling little shop is in […]

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