Zebra-G calligraphy nib

So calligraphy isn’t something I’m interested in. I had a cheap calligraphy pen a while back and didn’t care for it. But I do like flex nib pens. So I grew curious about Zebra-G nibs. These are carbon steel (so not corrosion resistant) dip pen nibs that can be fitted onto fountain pens with feeds. […]

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Namisu Ixion

Having backed other Namisu Kickstarter projects (Nexus, X01 rollerball (to be reviewed!)) and buying an ebonite Nova (also to be reviewed, some day) I was first in line to back the Ixion project. Hoever it was a problematic project, running late with component issues and many thought an insufficient level of contact from Namisu. Personally […]

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Jinhao Shark Pen

Sharrrrrk pennnnnnnnn! Well, that’s what it felt like when Jinhao introduced this novelty pen on to the market. And like many in FP fandom I just couldn’t say no. Especially at its Ebay price of just 99p. It comes in many colours; I went for a green. The grip section is transparent and tinted to […]

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Wing Sung 3007

So pocket fountain pens don’t really solve any problems for me. I’m not wedded to FPs so have pen cases with gel and ballpoints in my commute and weekend bags. FPs for me are for use at work, where a disciplined rotation keeps them in use. But when I saw the Wing Sung 3007 on […]

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Jinhao 991

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the Lamy Safari is practically worshipped. From the numerous clones like this to those pens who just took the triangular grip it is a fountain pen design classic. So having being a fan of Jinhao pens like the 992 and 159 I was keen to try […]

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Lecai Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Y’know, for the longest time I didn’t want an eye dropper pen. I felt I didn’t need the bigger capacity or the effort of converting a cartridge pen. Then one day I found myself wondering what to do with the dregs in ink bottles (which I don’t have quite yet). When the level is just […]

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Wing Sung 3001

Don’t buy this pen. Guess I should justify that statement…. On a whim I picked up one of these Pilot 78-ish pens off ebay for about £1.60 IIRC. I liked the green barrel and the office smart look. In the hand it felt like cheap plastic, as expected. The gold ‘colour’ nib has ‘WING SUNG’ […]

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