Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX

So I’m a bit too impulsive when it comes to purchasing new stationery, especially when it’s cheap. So when Cult Pens had the Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX pens on offer a couple of years ago I picked up two for just £1.50 each in each of the colours. The BLX series (also available in Jetstream and Signo 207 models) have black shaded ink, which I love. The two I bought are brown-black and green-black, although Cult Pens now offers purple-black too.

Brown pen, Green pen! You can just see the barrel crack in the green-black pen to the left of the cap join.

The Vision Elite is a typical disposable liquid ink rollerball pen. It is in fact reloadable with a sealed reservoir section and tip all in one unit and refills available, although with this bottom end body I doubt many would bother and seemingly not in these special edition colours.

Refills extracted. You can see the elliptical cap dimples clearly here too.

The body and cap are plastic. On my green-black one I managed to crack the barrel just pulling off the cap sharply and have reinforced it with a band of sellotape. The clip is stamped metal and is oval in shape with oval dimples in the same style as the Jetstream. The furniture is white with coloured accents to match the ink. There are transparent slits on opposing sides of the barrel to show the ink level although that is clearer by just unscrewing the refill for a look.

One advantage they have over the Pilot V Ball (which I liked) is that the grip section is textured in a light cross hatch pattern. I guess I just have sweaty hands but a little grip goes a long way for me.

According to Cult Pens they have a 0.8mm ball writing a 0.6mm line. It seems a solid line and it is clearly not as fine as a 0.5mm gel pen or finer. The ink does not suffer the pooling/spotting at the end of a word that I get with its stable mate roller ball, the Eye. It doesn’t leak on the 5-Star brand notebooks we have at work but there is clear feathering and bleed through on the rough paper our post-it notes are made of.

In use for my work day book. There’s very little feathering on this cheap paper by the ‘5 Star’ stationery company.

Overall I think they are a novel addition to the smart-but-cheap liquid ink office pen league. I love the ink colour but wish they were a bit finer. These two are going to live in the office and be enjoyed but I don’t think they will get replaced. However if you like a medium-ish line (eg the 0.7mm Pilot V pens) these are a great alternative.


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