Work loadout, December

So I’ve been a bit busy and neglected JAPB. How about a quick look at what I’m using at the end of 2016?


So my TWSBI 540 is back in play with Cult Pens Deep, Dark Red. It is still my favourite pen. Maybe I’ll get something even more upmarket in 2017?

From an old friend to new toys; Pilot V Pen and Pilot Kakuno. My old friend Liam loves the Varsity but they are hard to find in the UK so I got the other disposable Pilot fountain pen. It’s okay so far, usable but basic. The Kakuno is proving a lot more fun. This kids pen has a great nib and the Pilot black ink is very sharp in my notebook.

The V Ball pen and Uni Ball pens are in the rotation to get them used up and out of the inventory. I’m trying to reduce the collection a little.

The one pencil is a Backwing 24 with a Kum Masterpiece sharpener. I will do an article about Blackwings soon but I am enjoying this one in my day by day rotation.

There will be write ups coming soon, but before then I’d like to wish you all a good Christmas and new year.


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