Pilot Kaküno

First post of 2017!

So I didn’t originally fancy a pilot Kakuno (I’m not doing the keyboard tango to get that umlaut every time). But while perusing Amazon UK I found Japanese models were available for just £8.30ish. At that price I took a punt.

I comes in a disposable plastic box.

Now when I say ‘Japanese model’ I mean this version takes Pilot cartridges (it comes with one) or Pilot converter. The version available here through official outlets takes standard international carts/converters and sells for around £15.

So it is a pen intended for kids, as is evident by the little smiley face etched on the nib. It has plastic construction with a hexagonal barrel and cap. The transparent section has three flat facets, like a Safari but not as overt.

I went for a grey body and orange cap but other combinations are available.

The cap has a little fin to stop it rolling as it does not have a clip. I would have thought it unecessary with the hexagonal section but the pen does roll a bit if I put it down quickly.

The end cap has three holes in the end and there are two in the end of the barrel. I imagine the former is an anti choke design. The barrel holes are probably for air pressure or kids who can swallow the whole thing. They do prevent it being converted into an eye drop filler.

The cap has an all around indent near the end. This adds extra purchase on the smooth plastic and is a neat idea for use by small hands. Speaking of which the pen is pretty short; 130mm capped, 126mm uncapped. I can use it uncapped but with the light plastic and short length make it nice to use posted.

The nearly empty original cartridge.

The nib is a real surprise. It’s a fine line and pretty smooth. A real pleasure, especially with the good ergonomics.

And the famous smilely nib.

Overall I like the Kakuno. I think it does its job well for a kids pen but it’s a pleasure to use as an adult.


One thought on “Pilot Kaküno

  1. Enjoyed the review. I never thought about the purpose of the 3 holes, you make a great point on the swallowing protection. I need to pull my similar color Kakuno out to ink it up again. Enjoyable pen.


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